Plan of study 2023-2024

The programming of the Jean Monnet Chair is shown in the following table. All classes will be held from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Course presentation
Subject 1. Telecommunications: the backbone of the European Union October 3
Subject 2. Historical dimension, legal framework, and institutional framework of the European Union and its translation of the trajectory of the Telecommunications Policy. October 10
Subject 3. The origins of Telecommunications Policy, the Commission Communication of November 26, 1964, from the Treaties establishing the European Communities to the Single European Act (1969-1984) October 17
Subject 4 The origins of the European Union’s Standardization and Certification Policy (1977-1984): The STAR program. October 24
Subject 5. The Green Paper on the Development of the Common Market for Telecommunications, Services, and Equipment (June 30, 1987) October 31
Subject 6. Early Developments in the Liberalization, Harmonization, and Standardization of the Community Telecommunications Policy (1987-1992) November 7
Subject 7. Telecommunications in the Treaty of the European Union. The Development of Liberalization, Harmonization, and Interconnection, and the corrective mechanisms to Free Competition – Universal Service (1992-1997) November 14
Subject 8. Towards a New Framework for Telecommunications Infrastructure (1992-1997): The case of Spain November 21
Subject 9. Internet, the origin of the network of networks. The Internet paradigm. Jorge Pérez Martínez – Miguel López Coronado November 28
Subject 10. Telecommunications Policy from 1999 to 2005: The first review. Standardization in the 2002 package of directives. eEurope initiative. Miguel López Coronado December 5
Subject 11. The TEN-TELECOM Program and the co-financing of projects for the implementation of trans-European telecommunications networks. The installation of telecommunication networks. Security in Communication Networks. Zoraida Frias Barroso – Miguel López Coronado December 12
Subject 12. Telecommunications Policy from 2005 to 2010: The second review. Artificial Intelligence; Data Mining. Senén Barro Ameneiro – Miguel López Coronado December 19
Subject 13. New aspects of the Electronic Telecommunications Policy (2010-2022). The European Electronic Communications Code. Very high capacity networks. Zoraida Frias Barroso – Miguel López-Coronado January 16
Subject 14. The Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications. (BEREC). Juan Luis Redondo Maíllo – Miguel López Coronado January 23
Subject 15. Radio spectrum policy. Mobile telephony. Digital Terrestrial Television. Spectrum sharing. Miguel López Coronado January 30
Subject 16. Broadband policy. Ecosystem of the digital sector. Jorge Pérez Martínez – Miguel López Coronado February 6
Subject 17. Regulation of trust and security in telecommunication networks. Felix Arteaga – Miguel López Coronado February 13
Subject 18. Telecommunications Policy in the European Digital Agenda. Miguel López-Coronado February 20
Subject 19. The regulatory framework for audiovisual services. The new European regulatory framework for on-demand audiovisual and video-sharing services.Juan Zafra – Miguel López Coronado February 27
Subject 20. The evolution of the network of networks. Commercial Internet. Mobile and social Internet. The development of the European digital economy. Jorge Pérez Martínez – Miguel López Coronado March 5
Subject 21. Internet services under platforms. Regulation of platforms in the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Pilar Rodríguez Pita – Miguel López Coronado March 12
Subject 22. Internet governance and social networks. Digital rights in the digital services act (DSA) Borja Adsuara Varela – Miguel López Coronado March 19
Subject 23. Next Generation and Telecommunications Policy. Ignacio Aizpún Viñes y Miguel López Coronado March 26
Subject 24. Telecommunications policy and public health: telemedicine. Miriam Antón Rodríguez – Miguel López Coronado April 9
Subject 25. Telecommunications policy and education: online education. Beatriz Sainz de Abajo – Miguel López Coronado April 16
Tema 26. Telecommunications policy and employment: teleworking. Miguel López Coronado April 23
Subject 27. Telecommunications Policy and Cohesion Policy. Juan Ramón de Páramo – Miguel López Coronado April 30
Subject 28. Telecommunications policy and trade policy: e-commerce. Nuño López – Miguel López Coronado May 7
Subject 29. Telecommunications Policy in the Information Society. European public policies on technology. Agustín de Asís Roig – Miguel López Coronado May 14
Subject 30. The Future of Telecommunications Policy in the European Union: adapting to globalization and the reform of the Treaty on the Functioning in the field of Telecommunications Policy. Ana Moreno Romero – Miguel López Coronado May 21
Presentation of end ofcourse work. June 15 to 30
Course closure 30 de junio


Students will participate in the interventions in each of the classes, interacting with the teacher on different aspects. Eventually, they will make some text commentary and exposition.

In order to obtain the corresponding certificate of achievement and, consequently, the credits granted to this chair, they must participate in the design of an application to gamify the learning of the European Union, under the direction and supervision of the professors.

A multiple-choice test will be administered as an evaluation.

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